Brand New Eyes


Hey what’s going on out there everyone? Zach Johnson here to present my Because The Internet blog inspired by Childish Gambino and awesome music.  Music is such a powerful art form that we have today and when we connect songs together to make a concept album, the messages can be truly inspiring.  The stories and themes that we have available to us in concept albums makes me wonder why we use the radio frequently and listen to the same 5 songs day in and out.  As much as I love doing my touchdown dance to Katy Perry and her overplayed songs, I would much rather vibe out to some less mainstream music.  Perhaps some Tyler, or From Indian Lakes, even some old school stuff like Queen of Stone Age.  I’m surprisingly open when it comes to my music (except for country).  Experiencing different genres has been a special aspect of my life, especially how I have changed my listening habits from only hip-hop, to post-hardcore, alternative, techno, electronic and a few others.  This blog would be beneficial to anyone trying to here some new funky artists and bands that can really rock out and change the way you look at matters and how we perceive the world.   I think the idea of doing this blog specifically is the exchange of information.  Rather than keeping my thoughts on a paper, why not get other people involved and learn something new.  Also, I think just about anyone wants to hear a good story.  This leads to some great conversations with your friends and you might even meet some cool people just by breaking the ice with the music I talk about.  I’m going to do short reviews of concept albums from time to time and expand my music horizons by doing albums that I’m not so familiar with.  Can’t wait for this to take off guys so please if you have any questions, or suggestions please don’t be afraid to reach out.


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