Inside Wants Out


Start your journey.  Yeah life is a plot-less adventure that may sometime seem meaningless, but songs put matters in perspective for me and a lot of people in the world. Songs are used as a form of  expression and sometimes the only way to describe a situation, or the way you feel is by listening to music and sympathizing for the artist, or character.

drizzy meme

Drake could have squeezed that in one of his songs easily. Sorry to be so corny guys, but come on at the end of the day we want music that we can relate to. We want to be involved in the thrill of the story.  Man on the Moon, Kid Cudi’s debut album dives into the messages of loneliness and being different. Believing in himself when everybody doubted him and his talents.  We all can relate to this at some point in life.  I sure can.  A part of being different is shying away from original ideas and being creative.  Especially when it comes to something you enjoy, like for me when I make videos I want to switch it up with different shots and create different moods for my viewers. Man on the Moon connects me to these messages and I feel like I have personally felt his pain and compared it to mine.

images (1)

Concept albums give us a story to follow and they can be all types of genres.  That’s what is so great about them!  Hopefully somebody that is not exposed to these great pieces can dive in and branch off from different artists and the spectacular themes they have.  You don’t have to like the whole album too.  For instance, a single may be able to stand it’s ground and over power the whole album.  Every song has a piece to the story and you can think of it like acts to a play.  It’s tougher to follow the story in song form and I feel like you need to truly indulge in the album to complete the puzzle.   And that my friends is where you get to enjoy the view from the balcony seats.

the view elder scrolls 1

(Ahhhhhhhh) Music heaven!


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