Songs for the Deaf


My community is open to everyone but primarily folks that will relate and most likely view my blog will be…

1) An avid music listener (or hope to start)

We are in it for the music! I want people to open those ears and hear it play.  I’m going to be experimenting with a lot of genres which will increase my target audience.  When I say “music listener” I don’t just mean radio either.  I strongly believe that my blog will promote great music that is not just catchy, but holds meaning.  If the radio is all you listen to I think you’re just limiting yourself to the wide variety of music we have available to us.

2) Enjoy narrative and great storytelling

2 (25) Monkey business - Big Caesar 060

Gather around like we’re hearing the great myth of “Stoop Kid”, or that campfire story that brings the marshmallows to the fun.  Concept albums, if you listen, have these thrilling and inspiring stories that make you want to hear more.  My people are anticipating my interpretations of how artists reveal their stories and what I take away from it pertaining to life itself. Ask what’s this artists style like? Will I enjoy the voice and chords that connect me to their music, or should I try somebody that takes a different approach?

“If music is the food of love play on, play on” – Of Mice Men

3) sharing creative ideas/ being open to new views

We are an open community with an overflow of ideas.  We all have something to offer and are different in upbringings and views. Bring something to the table and let me know.  Maybe you think Nas is the best lyricist of all time and Illmatic was the best rap album ever. Maybe express your love for Dance Gavin Dance, but despise ADTR and their cliche lyrics.

We are here BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET and the cool thing about this blog is that we are here for a common reason, for the love of music.  As much as I despise the term ‘good vibes” I hope they can be brought to this blog and we can evolve our understanding of music and develop them to impact our society and ourselves.


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