A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out


How many of you ever checked out a piece of art that you were truly moved by? Maybe a sculpture somebody chiseled, or maybe it was photograph of a bloody battle scene back in the day. I probably wouldn’t tear up over those things but hey everybody has their craft.

Now let’s get into something that people cry about on a regular basis. Music.  That’s right in my opinion music is the most influential art form that creates feelings that exceeds anything that could possibly come from most of the other crafts.

Whenever I get into my music listening zone, I feel like I’m transcending past the environment I was currently in.  I swear I’m in a new habitat.  A hidden forest (sort of) that I’m flying over where the chords and lyrics come together in all the right ways it seems.

Music is bliss. It’s powerful.  There is something about each song I admire that makes it special due to the emotions I’ve had listening to them, or even some that define a special, or tragic moment in my life.

In The End by Linkin Park is a song that I’ve always treasured, especially when my grandfather lost his precious life to cancer.  I remember listening to it on repeat in the middle school days.  “I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.  I had to fall to lose it all, but in the end it doesn’t even matter”

The chorus just sticks out.  He was fighting for his life and the treatment and hospital took a toll on him.  But in the end we all pay the price and unfortunately he did on that day full of sorrow. The beginning of the song

I’m sure most people interpret this song as the artist spending so much time on a person he loves when it turns out to be all for nothing and the girl turns her back on him after countless times of him trying to perfect their relationship.  He put all of is trust in her and she couldn’t amount to the person the artist thought she was causing denial and lost hope.

When I listened to this song the day after his death, I was getting ready for a Tae Kwon Do tournament just reminiscing.  The meaning of this song tells a story of a person who continually fights for their life and time after time they are let down by the unfairness of illness and the actions of other people that you learn were not meant to be apart of your life in the first place.  The way the song begins steadily with the slow piano playing to the action in the chorus with the uplifting sound of drums jamming , adds to the emotional impact.

Music has a different meaning to everyone.  When I listen to this song now I see a story of an adventure and throughout the trials of the quest there are struggles and the feeling that all your efforts at the end of the day has no meaning to life.  The after thought leaves me motivated and inspired (especially with the chorus chords) that the man on his journey will come across people that wouldn’t be there for him, but the hardships he endured tell the story and make the adventure what it is.  Our character gets stronger and is able to move on because he is important and will defy the odds.

We perceive music differently.  Just because most people think a piece of  lyrics serve a certain purpose, or have a different meaning, does not mean that you cannot have your own creative opinion. Our experiences make art so special in that everybody has their own story through the music.


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