All of us have weird rituals and traditions.  We allow them to be acceptable in our schedules and not having them can be compared to forgetting to mix in the eggs while making brownies.

I know as a football fan these traditions are relevant when it comes to consuming the NFL games all Sundays.  We monitor our fantasy rosters like clockwork and even go to games shirtless in negative degree weather and dress up in costumes. Or even worse…Raiders attire…

raiders suck

Regardless of how weird you think your rituals are, they are your bread and butter and you live and die by them.  My blog holds certain traditions pertaining to music and concept albums where my analysis on certain albums and social commentary is important to the flow and community aspect.

Stealing music from each other.  I need some thieves up in my crew so if you’re good at that come join.  Just like good writers steal, I want people in my community to take something they heard that I posted about, or somebody recommend and jam to it.  This might attract some addicted torrenters, but hey whatever it takes to get some followers.

jesus walks

Another tradition we have is reviewing concept albums and the great stories they have.  I want my followers to be able to tell me what their take on it is because lyrics and song meanings are open to discussion.  The different perspectives can help us reach a better understanding of the albums.

My goal for myself is to review albums I never gave the chance and listen to artists like Pink Floyd and listen to their critically acclaimed album “The Wall” and uncover their deep meanings.

I also want people to tell me about why they listen to music and what albums and artists have opened them up to new ideas and new music styles.

If you have any questions, or discover some cooler traditions let me know and I will consider all options!


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