These Things Happen


Music can be implemented in all of our lives and what we choose to do with the versatile art form is completely up to you.

Just bust a move! Dance is such an important part of music and vise versa. Imagine going to a bar, or a club and there was no sound except for people.  I’m one for conversation, but what adds to the environment and the dance floor is the funky music that makes you want to move every muscle in your body.


Dance is another art form and when it is coupled with music, it brings out so many emotions.  Dance and music can signify the cultures we come from and heck we don’t have to speak the same language.  Slow middle school dances.  High school grind dancing. Moshing.

We move to the beat and it seems like we are in tune with the world as it spins. When your jam is on and you can dance to it with your own moves, or a designed dance, it’s a thrill that brings out true happiness.

Music can totally change the environment you are in as well.  The way we vibe out to songs is important so DJ don’t mess up.  It’s organic to that place and time.  When I play “Boyz in the Hood” by Eazy-E, you better watch out when I hit the streets. Or hearing Avril Lavigne and wanting to cry after a lonely night. (This doesn’t happen often I swear).


Setting the mood is so important and what we hear can affect our actions in the places we are in based on what’s coming out of the speakers.

A lot of people choose to smoke to different artists like Wiz Khalifa and Bob Marley just because they feel like their experience is more important and has more value.  The reason people have rituals like this is because it just seems right to them.  There does not have to be an explanation with music.  Music is the explanation.


People base perceptions on each other based on the music we listen to.  I listen to mostly everything except for country and a lot of people just know me for the hip-hop music I was brought up with.  We start to fall in different social groups because it is a common interest we have and it expresses our group vividly.

Now I hop into the mix with many different genres and start to better understand the social norms of the people that are categorized by the music they listen to.

What does music do for your life personally and how does it set the mood for the different activities that you participate in? YDG!?


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