Beyond The Horizon



I close my eyes. Dream.

I imagine a place where I can be alone physically, but occupied by music emotionally . The sounds create colors where my emotions come free in a careless and non-judgmental  zone.  Paint the picture on a canvas.

The song is just the individual part of the greater story.  I’m trapped in my headphones.  Concealed.  My soul knows the next verse and the drums beat like my heart.  There is love for the words being sang and the transition into the next song makes me wait in a great anticipation.

I relate. The artist must know my story. Speaking the words that I couldn’t bring to the table when they asked me what was wrong.  The next song is my favorite chapter of the journey.  Floating. Inspired.  In sync.

We end the tale.  But did we come back to our senses with stronger messages and a new outlook on life?  I knew I could relate to that tragedy.  The voice and riffs made everything not seem so bad.  Next time join me and we will embark on this sweet escape.



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