There’s something about the steadiness in our hearts.

Situations without reasons, flickering in the deep end.

A light that once shined bright has eclipsed

And miraculously the oxygen flows like a memory forgotten

Evaporating into an ominous sky

Making more cracks in the concrete foundation

Dreams we got caught up chasing

Fruits grow ripe until harvest

They build until we break and it never gets better

Like we deserved some more to live for

Sings the road that gets dimmer.

A hope to succeed  was just a precaution.

Never writing our wrongs for that’s all we knew

Progression lacks substance, I swear that’s not true

Trains streaming through the cities,

Complacency unwinding, discouraging the thoughts once held bright past horizons.

Shining like angels, holy in their movements,

Subsided by Satan, my lies pushed me through it.

We lose pressure in our tires, the hunger for more.

Deciding what works best for me in a sleep now differed.

The future held nothing . Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of.

I called late at night and that’s when i gave up. 


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