distance, dogs, friendship, life, pitbulls, poetry, tragedy, uncertainty, winter

I was here and you were there.

The winter wonders blurring vision

Would you rather have something and lose it, or never have it at all.

The cold freezes, my lips chapping through the bitterness

The words I wrote never reached you.

Echoing, absent, and forgotten.

Would you have remembered me?

The snow picks up heavier now, and the white landscape blinds me to that picture of you sitting still, back to the dirty waters and infrastructures

What I would of given to meet you.

Uncertainty formed like the icicles on my house

Each liquid particle collectively freezes and drops.

Winter never stops, falling through the ice

Where I reached, but couldn’t get to you.

Struggling to pick myself up through the numbness of my fingers

Scratching at the surface that held no forgiveness.

I swear it wasn’t fair.  Your home was mine and they were selfish.

Obedience unwitnessed, white fur on the couches.

Leaving without say, such resting company

Friendship withers like snow melt in Aspen

Destiny travels the test of the slippery road

Consuming its reality, it knows no boundaries

All this for nothing, a memory without reason

Your distance is apparent, but just know

My thoughts stand shallow in the desert

I’m grieving for your presence where

Play could be easy, but the striking of lightning

Gave threatening diseases

My relationships are broken, they sit there just lying.

I swore you could be fitting,

This life could be normal, These thoughts have me torn still

Roco as you’re breathing, I think of you often.

I know you don’t know me, but I know that this life can’t be true.


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