Favorite Albums of 2014…


Check out some reviews of some of the greatest albums of the year, I sure do support Logic and J Cole (definitely my personal favorites lyrically and productions wise), but I’m always interested to check out new music and different artists!

Life + Times of E

Logic/Def Jam Records Logic/Def Jam Records

4. Logic – Under Pressure

Logic Under Pressure was a surprisingly brilliant. I had heard a lot about this guy making waves in the Hip-Hop scene, but it took some convincing and I finally decided to give him a try and I can honestly say Under Pressure is an awesome debut for a rapper that is trying to do some thing a little different from the rest. He is a lyricist and has one of the best flows I have ever heard from a rapper. The album in itself is a well told diary of his life during the making of the album, the pressures of that itself on top of the pressures of life in general. Loved it.

Favorite Tracks: Gang Related, I’m Gone, Bounce, Till The End

Raury Raury

3. Raury – Indigo Child

Another surprise like for me. I actually listened to this album around…

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