A Celebration of an Ending


The album has come a long way.  All the way back to Bruce Springsteen’s album “Born In the USA, we’ve been rockin, rappin and country-ing out ever since.

We have lived and died by the album.It’s so natural to pop a new album in the CD player and drive on the beautiful country road. I actually remember buying Man on the Moon 2, the first album I ever bought with my own money at a local Target.  Nothing will ever be able to explain the feeling of freedom that I had when I attached to that lonely story of a man who was on an adventure to not only bring happiness in his own world, but be a leader in the world that had few.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but it is true that the album has officially died and no music artist will pursue  in the making of them any more.

Terrence McJerrence, one of the finest reporters from the Dimmesdale Dome News admitted ,”We are sad to say that the album is gone and the hopes of it being reborn are slim to none. Record companies have not produced enough concept albums and not enough quality albums in general for us to survive. Singles will be the most efficient way to keep up with the stock market and new copyright laws will be implemented on these sacred art works”

Imagine a world where artists couldn’t make a collection of songs anymore.  I feel like most times, one song is not powerful enough to stand alone, yet make a mark in history to be talked about for decades in this day and age.

Music lovers around the world have been protesting this new movement, taking to the streets with violence and words of wisdom.

Somewhere Kanye West has threatened to sue President Obama and former President Bush (even though he was not apart of it) because his new release “So Help Me God” has been tampered and disposed by secret government officials.  West said that this would have been the best album of all time later in the conversation.

April Fool’s everyone! I hope everyone got a kick out of it and I’m sure you guys hid all of your albums under your pillow.


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