Basement’s album Colourmeinkindness was a great start to a career that ended so early.  Let’s start off with some initial thoughts about the album.

I really dig how the song titles in the album are short and conscience like “Whole” and “Pine”.  There’s something about short song title names that keeps the viewer wonder how one word can summarize, or be apart of a bigger meaning in a song that can go for 3+ minutes.

I usually use these one word titles in my own poem because it seems so right.  Not only am I creating ambiguity, but the titles are more official and in a music format, it gives the album as a whole more originality. Almost like a true collection of lost tapes, or hidden stories.

Let’s look past the titles and get into the actual feel of the album. This album is far from a continuation of their first album “I Wish I Could Stay Here” and if you’re looking for more of a pop-punk feel,you have better chances listening to Fall Out Boy.

I swear this album seems like a poor-mans Nirvana.  I mean to say that in the nicest way possible because let’s face it, Nirvana definitely is one of the greatest bands of all time. The delivery and overall voice just sounds like Kurt Cobain and you can get the niche that Nirvana was one of their biggest influences.

Tyler Osborne in his Under the Gun Review summed up greatly the story of the album and how it deals with so many different themes and messages.

“Lyrically, the colourmeinkindness deals a lot with love, moving on, loss, and finding your place, which is not unmarked territory, especially for this band. However, the lyrics are inventive enough where you don’t think about the rehash of ideas. “Covet” has such a great sound to it that had me hooked the minute is started listening to the album, however the song I think that has the most lasting power on the record is it’s final track, “Wish.” It’s a perfect buildup and finale to colourmeinkindness, and honestly makes me sad to know that it was the last new track that I was going to listen to by them.”

I think songs like Whole sets this album apart from their other works.  The riffs that they use have more of a post-hardcore feel, but still balance in happy and uplifting chords.

“Whole” deals with a character that understands relationships well.  He understands the effects love will have on him and how he is sure that his lover will lure him in and destroy him with her lies and inefficiency to keep their love stable..

“Deep inside this hole,
I will offer you my soul.
Waiting, hoping with each breath
That you will leave it in my chest.”

It’s heartbreaking to know that a band was only in their experimenting phase and had so many positive influences that contributed to their success. Hopefully I will be able to talk about about a new album they have if they can put their differences aside. Colourmeinkindness


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