Ride This Train


People all over the world find music as their passion and how could they not? We all build relationships and build off each others song selection and album choice.  In every best friend that I have, music is probably the strongest part of our friendship aside from video games and sports.

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.

People are always being poked at for their music choice, but what’s wrong with having your own preference?  One of the red flags that alerts me about this situation is when people only listen to the radio and never look for different songs and albums.  Ya know never doing any soul searching.  Always biting the spoon that is shoved in their face.

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.

Not everything on the radio is good music. I know that only a select few songs make the cut when it comes to radio play and that to me is just very limiting.  The radio is known for hip-hop,pop and country.  THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER GENRES. And how can you listen to the same songs over and over again when you not only here them on the radio, but every store you go in and every annoying commercial.

“As far as musical taste is concerned, no one should feel bad about their taste in music. The only bad thing is to limit yourself without exploring the vast rainbow of styles and genres. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse to remain unaware of what’s available.”-Gary Horsman

I would have never found the bands I loved by just listening to the radio, like a machine almost abiding by the same process.  There is no A Day to Remember, or Chance the Rapper on the radio.  You have to go out there and never settle for less because I think we as music lovers deserve better than that.  So many sites like Soundcloud and Spotify have music “Discover” applications where so many talented artists and bands are supplying music that you could grow to love. I also like to go to “Related Artists” on Spotify and endlessly roam through different sounds. Listen to people’s suggestions, check out different websites and explore!  

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.


2 thoughts on “Ride This Train

    1. That’s great man! I’ve been really into Tyler’s new album “Cherry Bomb” and Dance Gavin Dance’s “Instant Gratification”. Are there any jams, or albums you’ve been leaning towards?


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