The Backwards Pumpkin Song


What was the best Dance Gavin Dance phase in your opinion since they’ve gone through so many transitions?  What’s their best album and their best song in this phase?

I think although Johny Craig is a complete jerk as a person, his ability to provide energy and great abilities to the band made Dance Gavin Dance the best it ever will be.  Downtown Battle Mountain II is a track list of completely awful lyrics, but that’s just who DGD is.  They have fun and have funky instruments and randomness that makes them unique. DTBM2 had songs like Thug City, Spooks and Blue Dream that had ridiculous passion and truly sums up in song form what the band is all about and how far they have come from their break-ups to awful relationships with women and drugs.

Dance Gavin Dance’s  new album Instant Gratification came out recently and they seem to be progressing under the unique vocals of Tilian Pearson, with it being called one of their best albums to date.


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