American Idiot


Music and sports are easily my two favorite luxuries in life.  Both serve as entertainment and arts that can be perfected by talent and hard-work.  There’s something similar to sports teams and bands because they all have a common goal and that’s to be successful either by selling a ton of albums, or winning championships.

We see it all the time.  Where are my Patriots fans at? Ever here “Welcome to the Jungle” during the kick off, as Stephen Gostkowski steps back to boot it.  I think we all get chills running down our spine anticipating a monster hit and crappy field position for the other team.

What about your favorite fighter like Floyd Mayweather coming out to the ring with old school 50 Cent bumping for the crowd to get excited about?  When you hear it you start to crack a smile as he slowly proceeds with unmatched focus of a fighter’s spirit.

Heck we even have Halftime shows at the Super Bowls where artists like Katy Perry and Missy Elliot put on routines to keep the crowd involved and excited.

Music is the extra cherry on top when it is used in spots effectively.

In a post on the Billboard site Cathy Applefeld Olson comments on the correlation between the two arts. “It all comes down to the song and the message the team is looking to relay. Certainly a superstar is going to get much more consideration than an unknown band, but the playing field is pretty even. If there’s an artist no one’s heard of but the song is perfect, that’s going to win out over a superstar.”

Music and sports combined is unexplainable. The music serves as motivation through the lyrics and amplifying riffs.  The sports acts as the execution through every move and every mental not to never give up and conquer your fears on the field.

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