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People all over the world find music as their passion and how could they not? We all build relationships and build off each others song selection and album choice.  In every best friend that I have, music is probably the strongest part of our friendship aside from video games and sports.

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.

People are always being poked at for their music choice, but what’s wrong with having your own preference?  One of the red flags that alerts me about this situation is when people only listen to the radio and never look for different songs and albums.  Ya know never doing any soul searching.  Always biting the spoon that is shoved in their face.

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.

Not everything on the radio is good music. I know that only a select few songs make the cut when it comes to radio play and that to me is just very limiting.  The radio is known for hip-hop,pop and country.  THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER GENRES. And how can you listen to the same songs over and over again when you not only here them on the radio, but every store you go in and every annoying commercial.

“As far as musical taste is concerned, no one should feel bad about their taste in music. The only bad thing is to limit yourself without exploring the vast rainbow of styles and genres. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse to remain unaware of what’s available.”-Gary Horsman

I would have never found the bands I loved by just listening to the radio, like a machine almost abiding by the same process.  There is no A Day to Remember, or Chance the Rapper on the radio.  You have to go out there and never settle for less because I think we as music lovers deserve better than that.  So many sites like Soundcloud and Spotify have music “Discover” applications where so many talented artists and bands are supplying music that you could grow to love. I also like to go to “Related Artists” on Spotify and endlessly roam through different sounds. Listen to people’s suggestions, check out different websites and explore!  

There is satisfying music out there, go out and find it.

The Backwards Pumpkin Song


What was the best Dance Gavin Dance phase in your opinion since they’ve gone through so many transitions?  What’s their best album and their best song in this phase?

I think although Johny Craig is a complete jerk as a person, his ability to provide energy and great abilities to the band made Dance Gavin Dance the best it ever will be.  Downtown Battle Mountain II is a track list of completely awful lyrics, but that’s just who DGD is.  They have fun and have funky instruments and randomness that makes them unique. DTBM2 had songs like Thug City, Spooks and Blue Dream that had ridiculous passion and truly sums up in song form what the band is all about and how far they have come from their break-ups to awful relationships with women and drugs.

Dance Gavin Dance’s  new album Instant Gratification came out recently and they seem to be progressing under the unique vocals of Tilian Pearson, with it being called one of their best albums to date.

Songs Of Our Soil


The album is on the rise again like the resurrection of Jesus. Similar to the spring, it invites us anxiously to partake in the beauty of its new comeuppance. In my last Round Up “Ready to Die”, I summarized how albums in today’s age are a dying breed.  Here today gone tomorrow type of scenario. With so many different music services like Spotify and Sound Cloud offering music that forces us to change our listening habits to cherishing the single compared to the consistent album that tells a story throughout a selection of songs.

Ed Christman of Billaboard commented on the standing of the album and its standing today. “Is the album going away? People have been speculating about that forever. There are those that think the album should go away and plenty of artists who still believe in the album.” If albums are still selling 300m copies, it’s unlikely to be abandoned. “It’s up to the artists to decide what happens to it.”

In contrast, this post is going to shy away from the negative rant I went on and we’re going to look at some theory and examples of how the album is surviving today. In the digital and streaming age. There’s a new trend that’s truly been effective when it comes to album sales and anticipation.

Artists have recently been releasing surprise albums, putting their audiences and the whole music stratosphere in total shock. A lot of benefits come with this. Billboard noted some of the most notable surprise albums of the year so far.  You might say that there’s not enough build up and anticipation when it comes to the promotion of new albums.  In my opinion, a week is all you need to get your listeners excited about your new project.

People always hype up albums that get promoted for months on end.  This gets really annoying because by time the album comes out, audiences are only buying the hit single that serves as the backbone for the album.

Instead of the product, the only thing they are receiving is the constant talk about it on social media and normal conversation which can die out easily.  The Lunch Break, went snacking on the topic of Drake’s surprise album and the possible effects it has in music albums.

Another example of this movement is the new Tyler The Creator album Cherry Bomb which gave a major shock to his fans who thought he was done with making music.  I bought the album last night and listened to it all the way through. It was another awesome experience mostly because of his increased production talent and the way he has fun on his experimental tracks. I was going to support Tyler on this album either way but the method does work.  Rolling Stones summarized the madness that was created during the announcement of Cherry Bomb.


The whole method to this working is having a huge fan base.  The Odd Future hooligans that stock Tyler, serve as this fan base that not only will be excited about the album without a dying hype, but will just want to buy it because of how the artist promotes it for that whole week.

“Look, get 12 bucks, go to Ralph’s or a grocery store, purchase a $10 iTunes gift card, go on iTunes, look for Cherry Bomb. Puppies won’t die,”-Tyler the Creator

It limits the art of media file sharing through sites like Pirate Bay that strip artists of a ton of sales.  Well because it’s free.  In this case, Tyler was smart enough not to leak his album.

cherrybomb promo

GuptaMedia does acknowledge that while the surprise album can get more of everyone’s attention, the fallout can be severe as there is no backup plan to recover.

With the success of the recent Drake and Tyler albums, how do you think artists will react when it comes time to release their work?  Will artists stay traditional, or will they lean on this new method that requires a big time fan base and intense promotion?

Absent Sounds


Absent Sounds

With the possibility of seeing probably my favorite band in action today in Boston, I’m going to talk about From Indian Lakes’ most recent album Absent Sounds.

I’m not going to go track by track because I’m sure a lot of reviewers have spent countless hours providing that information for you.  Instead I will dive into some concepts and ideas that the album made me think about after getting addicted to it after a month.

From Indian Lakes generally speaking is a band that has some very relaxing and often gently spoken songs that always seem to come together in a collection where every piece matters.

The band continuously attacks existential thoughts and questions that we can fill our own answers to.  It makes us think about the world that surrounds us and what really matters to us in life.  What is even real?

“And these skies, my only wish
What’s the point to this? There’s no point to this”- Sleeping Limbs

“Who do you want to be now that there gone? You can’t help but feel a little bit left out of it. If the others can’t see that you’re not well, then to hell with them.You never needed anyone else. You sail on alone in this fog”- Fog

I can’t help but place myself in these situations and relate to how these thoughts are relevant in my own life. “Fog” makes me think about a friend that I have that has had a terrible past two years. He left college because the school was bringing him down with teachers that never gave assistance to his growth as an artist. He fell into a great depression even until this day because he only wanted to get better at what he loved and that was drawing and creating.  He told me recently that he would rather live in an abandoned shed where he could only have rice and water and art and it would be tremendously better compared to what he has endured.  All the while, most of his friends that went to college except for me and a true few stuck by his side and gave him phone calls, listening and company to keep him sane. A lot of people never even checked in with him and they never knew his situation.  He just sat alone in his basement struggling to fight another day to become somebody and ended up becoming jealous with the lives of people he knew since elementary that were far better off. It got so terrible that he couldn’t even walk because his OCD was unbearable and he had to truly battle to get up and walk a few steps. My friend and his problems are in the fog and he is so consumed by not knowing why these awful events happen to him and where his friends went that he needed desperately.  This mist shrouded him from so many luxuries in life and usually when we go through a hardship we come out stronger, but the elements keep him at bay and lost at sea.

fog 1

Whenever I listen to this album I have the sense that I’m floating in the air with all the soothing and powerful notes. Their voice seems to be hidden in the shrouded depths of the chords that they treasure, but every aspect is equally important. Everyone is able to create an album with this work.  Every question they pose and situation they create is a chance for us to complete the ambiguity that wasn’t answered by the end of the songs.


What is your story? How can you fill the cup Absent Sounds leaves for us?

Go check these guys out today at the Brighton Music Hall in my hometown of Boston MA!



Basement’s album Colourmeinkindness was a great start to a career that ended so early.  Let’s start off with some initial thoughts about the album.

I really dig how the song titles in the album are short and conscience like “Whole” and “Pine”.  There’s something about short song title names that keeps the viewer wonder how one word can summarize, or be apart of a bigger meaning in a song that can go for 3+ minutes.

I usually use these one word titles in my own poem because it seems so right.  Not only am I creating ambiguity, but the titles are more official and in a music format, it gives the album as a whole more originality. Almost like a true collection of lost tapes, or hidden stories.

Let’s look past the titles and get into the actual feel of the album. This album is far from a continuation of their first album “I Wish I Could Stay Here” and if you’re looking for more of a pop-punk feel,you have better chances listening to Fall Out Boy.

I swear this album seems like a poor-mans Nirvana.  I mean to say that in the nicest way possible because let’s face it, Nirvana definitely is one of the greatest bands of all time. The delivery and overall voice just sounds like Kurt Cobain and you can get the niche that Nirvana was one of their biggest influences.

Tyler Osborne in his Under the Gun Review summed up greatly the story of the album and how it deals with so many different themes and messages.

“Lyrically, the colourmeinkindness deals a lot with love, moving on, loss, and finding your place, which is not unmarked territory, especially for this band. However, the lyrics are inventive enough where you don’t think about the rehash of ideas. “Covet” has such a great sound to it that had me hooked the minute is started listening to the album, however the song I think that has the most lasting power on the record is it’s final track, “Wish.” It’s a perfect buildup and finale to colourmeinkindness, and honestly makes me sad to know that it was the last new track that I was going to listen to by them.”

I think songs like Whole sets this album apart from their other works.  The riffs that they use have more of a post-hardcore feel, but still balance in happy and uplifting chords.

“Whole” deals with a character that understands relationships well.  He understands the effects love will have on him and how he is sure that his lover will lure him in and destroy him with her lies and inefficiency to keep their love stable..

“Deep inside this hole,
I will offer you my soul.
Waiting, hoping with each breath
That you will leave it in my chest.”

It’s heartbreaking to know that a band was only in their experimenting phase and had so many positive influences that contributed to their success. Hopefully I will be able to talk about about a new album they have if they can put their differences aside. Colourmeinkindness

A Celebration of an Ending


The album has come a long way.  All the way back to Bruce Springsteen’s album “Born In the USA, we’ve been rockin, rappin and country-ing out ever since.

We have lived and died by the album.It’s so natural to pop a new album in the CD player and drive on the beautiful country road. I actually remember buying Man on the Moon 2, the first album I ever bought with my own money at a local Target.  Nothing will ever be able to explain the feeling of freedom that I had when I attached to that lonely story of a man who was on an adventure to not only bring happiness in his own world, but be a leader in the world that had few.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but it is true that the album has officially died and no music artist will pursue  in the making of them any more.

Terrence McJerrence, one of the finest reporters from the Dimmesdale Dome News admitted ,”We are sad to say that the album is gone and the hopes of it being reborn are slim to none. Record companies have not produced enough concept albums and not enough quality albums in general for us to survive. Singles will be the most efficient way to keep up with the stock market and new copyright laws will be implemented on these sacred art works”

Imagine a world where artists couldn’t make a collection of songs anymore.  I feel like most times, one song is not powerful enough to stand alone, yet make a mark in history to be talked about for decades in this day and age.

Music lovers around the world have been protesting this new movement, taking to the streets with violence and words of wisdom.

Somewhere Kanye West has threatened to sue President Obama and former President Bush (even though he was not apart of it) because his new release “So Help Me God” has been tampered and disposed by secret government officials.  West said that this would have been the best album of all time later in the conversation.

April Fool’s everyone! I hope everyone got a kick out of it and I’m sure you guys hid all of your albums under your pillow.

PoetrioTales Premier


Check out this great and new collaboration brought to you by my good friends Paul Falcone and Haley Batchelder.

https://wordpress.com/stats/poetriotales.wordpress.combrought to you

PoetrioTales is working on a highly anticipated poetry format using three different pictures, with each writer revealing their feelings  creatively towards what speaks to them.

All three of us have very different writing style, but to be able to come together for the sake of writing is a cool experiment and we welcome you to be apart of it this Wednesday at 9 AM!

Guest-Post by Rich Scott: “I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States”

distance, music

Sacramento hip-hop group Death Grips leaked their own highly-anticipated album Jenny Death, onto YouTube last week to much excitement. The album offers an aggressive industrial punk rap sound, with the enraged, often guttural vocal styles of Stefan Burnett a.k.a MC Ride.

The album’s lyrics examine the concepts of fame, celebrity, and performing. It takes a bitter look at the idea of entertaining others, and the ultimate futility of making music to express oneself. In the view of Jenny Death, true self-expression is impossible. This concept is placed in the forefront on the opening track, “I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States”. Ride raps, “I don’t care about real life/Feel just like I look to you/Gawk at me all you see is you”. He states the message of the song,plain and clear. The perception of the artist created by the song, and then by the listener, distorts the person making the song.  Their music is built on aggression, strange beats, and highly physical vocal delivery.

Any attempt to “break” this mirror, this new perception of self, results in harm to oneself. It’s a vicious cycle. In order to force a new perception, one needs to destroy what created the old. In the song, MC Ride has tried to destroy the mirrors, to escape the reflection he sees. But in the allegory of destroying the mirror with his face, he hurts himself. Physically, the act leaves behind blood and skin. Shards of broken glass, chunks of the reflection, cut into the face. The reflection and reflected have pieces of each other embedded into themselves, making them more alike. MC Ride can no longer “care about real life”, because he can’t escape from the idea of him.

It’s reminiscent of when Leonard Nimoy wrote “I Am Not Spock”. Due to the popularity of the character, he could never detach himself from Spock. People would see Nimoy, and think “Spock”. Years later, he would write “I Am Spock”. Once is aligned with a character or persona, it’s hard to detach from that persona. Stefan Burnett fears that he will always be MC Ride. That everything after this will be compared to Death Grips. And that’s just the first track of the album.