The relics sat in the petals scattered amongst wildflowers. Elder geese flock from the Indian lakes tribbing conquest in their sun burnt trails. When did these seasons go? Could they decide the sacrifices we relinquish when this life splattered bitter hawthorns?

You could stay happy there in the shrubbery where I broke your heart as transgression. Can we get some more yellow in here so the moonlight can reflect our broken glasses that fill the bartender’s requests past 2 AM?The medicine never helped to prove all of my hidden confessions.

Sustaining yourself in galaxies

where the radiance in your eye

was fair enough for conquest

afar The Conde Petie Mountain Path

The lingering smell of hazelnut

faltered my longing for a better life.

Similar to the broken pottery in your

apartment, a delicacy out of spite.

Cross-cutting our way past this final tempest a fantasy like no other, where the music plays a decadence in our touch.  Promising the writing into the night through star-crossed survival. Poetry in motion streams amongst the different colors that float in the recognition of our interests.

I enjoyed the little things about you

and I hated them too.

Bring me to life in hope that we are

everlasting when we die.

Absent Sounds


Absent Sounds

With the possibility of seeing probably my favorite band in action today in Boston, I’m going to talk about From Indian Lakes’ most recent album Absent Sounds.

I’m not going to go track by track because I’m sure a lot of reviewers have spent countless hours providing that information for you.  Instead I will dive into some concepts and ideas that the album made me think about after getting addicted to it after a month.

From Indian Lakes generally speaking is a band that has some very relaxing and often gently spoken songs that always seem to come together in a collection where every piece matters.

The band continuously attacks existential thoughts and questions that we can fill our own answers to.  It makes us think about the world that surrounds us and what really matters to us in life.  What is even real?

“And these skies, my only wish
What’s the point to this? There’s no point to this”- Sleeping Limbs

“Who do you want to be now that there gone? You can’t help but feel a little bit left out of it. If the others can’t see that you’re not well, then to hell with them.You never needed anyone else. You sail on alone in this fog”- Fog

I can’t help but place myself in these situations and relate to how these thoughts are relevant in my own life. “Fog” makes me think about a friend that I have that has had a terrible past two years. He left college because the school was bringing him down with teachers that never gave assistance to his growth as an artist. He fell into a great depression even until this day because he only wanted to get better at what he loved and that was drawing and creating.  He told me recently that he would rather live in an abandoned shed where he could only have rice and water and art and it would be tremendously better compared to what he has endured.  All the while, most of his friends that went to college except for me and a true few stuck by his side and gave him phone calls, listening and company to keep him sane. A lot of people never even checked in with him and they never knew his situation.  He just sat alone in his basement struggling to fight another day to become somebody and ended up becoming jealous with the lives of people he knew since elementary that were far better off. It got so terrible that he couldn’t even walk because his OCD was unbearable and he had to truly battle to get up and walk a few steps. My friend and his problems are in the fog and he is so consumed by not knowing why these awful events happen to him and where his friends went that he needed desperately.  This mist shrouded him from so many luxuries in life and usually when we go through a hardship we come out stronger, but the elements keep him at bay and lost at sea.

fog 1

Whenever I listen to this album I have the sense that I’m floating in the air with all the soothing and powerful notes. Their voice seems to be hidden in the shrouded depths of the chords that they treasure, but every aspect is equally important. Everyone is able to create an album with this work.  Every question they pose and situation they create is a chance for us to complete the ambiguity that wasn’t answered by the end of the songs.


What is your story? How can you fill the cup Absent Sounds leaves for us?

Go check these guys out today at the Brighton Music Hall in my hometown of Boston MA!


distance, dogs, friendship, life, pitbulls, poetry, tragedy, uncertainty, winter

I was here and you were there.

The winter wonders blurring vision

Would you rather have something and lose it, or never have it at all.

The cold freezes, my lips chapping through the bitterness

The words I wrote never reached you.

Echoing, absent, and forgotten.

Would you have remembered me?

The snow picks up heavier now, and the white landscape blinds me to that picture of you sitting still, back to the dirty waters and infrastructures

What I would of given to meet you.

Uncertainty formed like the icicles on my house

Each liquid particle collectively freezes and drops.

Winter never stops, falling through the ice

Where I reached, but couldn’t get to you.

Struggling to pick myself up through the numbness of my fingers

Scratching at the surface that held no forgiveness.

I swear it wasn’t fair.  Your home was mine and they were selfish.

Obedience unwitnessed, white fur on the couches.

Leaving without say, such resting company

Friendship withers like snow melt in Aspen

Destiny travels the test of the slippery road

Consuming its reality, it knows no boundaries

All this for nothing, a memory without reason

Your distance is apparent, but just know

My thoughts stand shallow in the desert

I’m grieving for your presence where

Play could be easy, but the striking of lightning

Gave threatening diseases

My relationships are broken, they sit there just lying.

I swore you could be fitting,

This life could be normal, These thoughts have me torn still

Roco as you’re breathing, I think of you often.

I know you don’t know me, but I know that this life can’t be true.



There’s something about the steadiness in our hearts.

Situations without reasons, flickering in the deep end.

A light that once shined bright has eclipsed

And miraculously the oxygen flows like a memory forgotten

Evaporating into an ominous sky

Making more cracks in the concrete foundation

Dreams we got caught up chasing

Fruits grow ripe until harvest

They build until we break and it never gets better

Like we deserved some more to live for

Sings the road that gets dimmer.

A hope to succeed  was just a precaution.

Never writing our wrongs for that’s all we knew

Progression lacks substance, I swear that’s not true

Trains streaming through the cities,

Complacency unwinding, discouraging the thoughts once held bright past horizons.

Shining like angels, holy in their movements,

Subsided by Satan, my lies pushed me through it.

We lose pressure in our tires, the hunger for more.

Deciding what works best for me in a sleep now differed.

The future held nothing . Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of.

I called late at night and that’s when i gave up.